MK Shipping BV,  dedicated to be an project developer in the Short sea and inland trade kicked-off several projects and was contracted for several consulting projects related to logistics and Shipping. One of the major projects was contracting 6 units IMO II Tankers with Ice class 1A new buildings with Time Charters with an Oil Major. The market was good and MK Shipping  got an offer,  not to refuse and sold the contracts.






MKD Shipping GmbH & Co KG  was founded as a daughter of MK Shipping BV Holland to operate and manage the first vessels mv Emsmoon. Emsmoon was successfully placed on the KG market. Until  today she has been under Time Charter with an Chartering Major based in, Papenburg.







MKD Shipping GmbH & Co KG was renamed to Shipping company Grona Shipping GmbH&Co.KG based in Hamburg, at Kohlbrandtrappe.







The tanker market was moving up and we found long term time charter with an Major Chartering house in London UK.  At the Jinjiang Nanyang Shipbuilding Co Ltd China the  MT Grona Bingum   DWT 16.500 IMO II and the MT Grona  Bengum DWT 16.500 IMO II, were ordered for both delivery Delv. 2009. During the building period high class Supervision was done by us and after a period of 24 months the Building contracts were cancelled and covered At high court arbitration we were able to succeed.







Grona Shipping moved the company from Hamburg towards Leer, they shipping center in the Northern part of Germany close to the Dutch boarder. A sister company named Grona Shipping BV is situated just across the border (in Holland Winschoten).Grona Shipping made a  design for new shallow drafted DWT 6000 Baltic Work horses. A Long term Time Charter with a major charterer in Papenburg was fixed for 6 vessels and  the order to build the vessels was given to Bharati Shipyard  in India.

A turbulent period has been as from then, finally in 2007 m Emssun and in 2008  ms Emssky were taken delivery.  After a long arbitrage in London we successfully ended the other 4 new building contracts. The hulls are still around on the yard in Kolkotta.

During 2007 a Short Sea ship Owner ordered 2 smaller Mini bulkers and the first ready vessel was taken by Grona in management. The 2500 tonner Named Paula was sold in 2008 and the sister vessel was not delivered on time and Cancelled by the Owners. Effected with the LNG Flue the idea was born to also go for the Short Sea design LNG Propelled vessels. Grona was a promotor and front runner  in several LNG concepts but we also felt that we are early, maybe to early. Most of the Short Sea shipping Users were affright to use LNG due to Bunkering problems.







Just before the crisis started Grona ordered 8 option 4 units of the Stockholm type vessels with an DWT 5.200. Ice classed 1A. During the start of the building we have seen the market going trend wise down and therefore we cancelled the 4 option vessels. The 8 vessels were build and delivered during the years 2010 and 2012. The Yard Western marine Shipyards have proven to be on European standards and the vessels performed as expected.







Grona Shipping moved the company from Leer towards Papenburg.


NICT Shipping GmbH & C0 KG   was founded on 04 2012. Presently she is a full daughter to Grona Shipping Germany. The Inland trade has always been attracting MK and Grona. In 2011 MK Shipping and Peters Shipyards started the innovation of an Inland tanker, propelled by LNG but also making use of a total new designed Power management. A long term deal was done with an charterer seen as a major Inland shipping. Due to several reasons we bailed out from this deal and sold the shares. This experience we got,  was sufficient to start later again with inland shipping.

In the same year problems in the Bharati group in India. Bharati, via Great Offshore being part owner in the ms Emssun and ms Emssky the partners decide to sale the vessels.


We supplied LNG for the maiden voyages of Norlines' Rolls Royce/Bergen spark-ignited gas engine powered newbuilds Kvitbjørn and Kvitnos at Cochin, India, and Cartagena, Spain.

We provided the LNG and tailor-made services by experienced staff in INDIA and SPAIN and hereby avoided 12.500 NM tug service.

We performed the first LNG import terminal-to-ship bunkering at the back-loading ever! - And the first major LNG bunkering in Spain.







LNGSupply BV was founded 04 2016, together with our Partner Koos Blaaser  we are combining the knowledge and using it to convince our possible clients to change to LNG as Marine Power. Several projects are under review to get effective.

The Bangladesh built vessels in total were sold in this year  caused by the Crisis but in contrary we got the opportunity to re think the marine fuel and go back to our innovation we did before. LNG POWER, so we did. 


During 2017 and 2018 we have restructured the companies and made lines more direct and have a simple structure of companies. The LNG Propositions were elaborated and optimised. The design of LNG High Cub vessels, LNG Bunker vessels, Inland Tankers all based on powered by LNG are ready and during the next year financing should be getting effective.



Two Management vessels came to Grona, a Mini Bulker DWT 5200 and a Handy DWT 37.000. Also during this year we started to find the right financial houses for the different projects like the High Cub low draft traders, the LNG Bunker vessels and the Inland tankers The 4 Inland stainless steel tankers EL-LNG propelled have long term charters with an Major from Norway. Several LNG projects are under review and we see a growing request for LNG experience bringing potential users of LNG powered vessels to Grona and LNGSupply. An Energy major has invited grona to propose several units type Kamsarmax vessels based LNG propulsion. We fore seen this will happen in the coming year ahead.